How Covid-19 affected our school as a whole.

Covid affected our 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years in many different ways both positive and negative.


Hope Garza

The front entrance to Highland High School.

Hope Garza, Reporter

The end of the 2019-2020 school year, and the whole 2020-2021 school year for Highland High School staff and students was affected by Covid-19. Our people were affected by this new virus we had never before heard of.

Education is so important, but at that time, staying safe and healthy was everyone’s main priority.

Journalism and speech teacher Debbie Greco states that she believes the timing of all of us coming back to school was good. “We’re at a point where teachers could get vaccinated.”

Covid was a new experience for everyone, and a scary one at that. We are taking precautions that we had never had to before. Schools shutting down was one of the most impactful things on a lot of people.

“It was hard for kids to navigate and try to overcome barriers,” Greco says.

The coronavirus affected the hundreds of Highland students, as well as the staff.

“There were extra hours added on due to covid because I would teach 2 different lesson plans, one for the people at home and, one for in-person,” Greco states.

Having to stop doing what we have always known and getting our education put on hold was a real setback for a lot of people. 

“A lot of people were bored at home, this includes me,” sophomore Jade Miller shares. 

Being at an age where you can often feel everything is changing really fast, it’s easy to have a lot of strong emotions about little and big things. Covid -19 had a strong effect. 

Greco states, “For some students, there were a lot of families beginning to be more invested in their education and I think that was a positive, but some students were challenged with the lack of social contact.”

District workers were also under constant pressure trying to keep everyone happy and safe.

“I think they did the best they could in the situation they were in,” Miller tells us 

Of course, not everything was perfect because there were some setbacks.

“I think their communication could have been better but I think they did a really good job working with the limitations they had,” Greco shares.

Miller likes coming every day because “it gives us something to do and I get to see my friends.

Covid really impacted our lives and education. Having so many changes was new for us but we are finally starting to get back to normal.