Tennis makes a comeback from last year’s COVID-19 cancellation

Tennis team recovers after last years cancelled season


Emmalynn Packard

Senior Abbigail Summerill prepares to strike the ball during a tournament at Capell park to win the game.

With the tennis season canceled last year, the team has had to be flexible and bounce back even stronger than ever before to make this year’s season great.

There have been many struggles this year regarding the challenges of COVID, but the team is going strong with captains Thomas Wood and Madison Myler leading the force.

He’s a senior the kids look up to him, he’s a good player,” Coach Ron Osborn states in regard to Wood.

“She was the only returning senior, all girls voted her,” he also said about Myler.

I really think we’ve come together as a team because of the hardships in the world. And, a lot of it has been pretty similar, just because we are a spring sport. But we do have to wear masks in certain places, like the bus and when we’re watching each other play,” said Myler.

“Well, COVID kind of affected us because we weren’t sure that we were actually going to have a season this year, and we have to wear masks before games,” states Nick Price, a junior on the team.

“I haven’t been in tennis that long, but I’m sure it’s been different because my cousin is one of the coaches. It’s been challenging, just like the school year,” says Serena Wood, a freshman tennis player.

In tennis, just like any other sport, there are many memories to be made, good and bad.

“My most memorable moment is when me and my partner were neck and neck with the other team and I missed the winning shot. It was awful,” said Price.

“I think I was with a kid with Steve and we were being partners, and he totally dove for a ball, and ended up breaking his wrist. Which is pretty unfortunate, but it was pretty memorable,” Wood shares. 

Myler stated that she faced a very tough competitor and thought she would lose, however she did really well. She also added that the most memorable thing for her is probably the pride she feels when she does really well. 

Osborn states that Thomas Wood “could maybe play at the next level, plays number 1 doubles,” and Lauren Harding, “has the ability and the work ethic to play college tennis.”

Wood considered how the team was doing on their goals and what they wanted for this season and stated, “We’re doing a lot better. Like on the first day, we were hitting high balls and doing pretty bad.”

Myler adds to that, stating, “I definitely think individually, everyone has gotten a lot better because we’ve all worked really hard. As a team, we’ve come a lot closer cause we do team dinners, and we spend a lot of time together at practice.”

“I feel like we’re doing a lot better this year than our past years number one because we have a lot more new people coming in this year and since we didn’t have a season last year, I feel like we’re a bit more open to change,” said Price.

Myler said that in 20 years she will remember the sense of accomplishment that she feels from doing her best, as well as the friends that she made and “the sense of community that you get from knowing your tennis family.”

Price says he will likely just remember how close he was to getting varsity.

Wood will remember “how much everyone likes Gabe more than me,” also adding, “I´m just kidding.”

Overall, our team has been doing great this season with 9 wins, 6 losses, and one tie.

Our rams are coming back stronger than ever with our spring sports this year thanks to our tennis team.