Amazing comeback for the varsity baseball team.

With all their progress this season they are first seed In conference


Debbie Greco

Senior Scott Baker bats at the opening jamboree at Halliwell Park.

Hope Garza and Jade Miller

¨Last season was miserable, The pandemic ruined everything,” says varsity coach, Christian Colonel also adding, “The win to loss record for this year is 15-5.”

Having only lost to 5 teams, the chances of making it to state are very good. 

Colonel likes to say, “Don’t take the game for granted,” to keep the players motivated.

We can imagine coaching the boys this year has not been the easiest task, but he keeps them motivated and reminds them to work hard. 

“Our team has done pretty good at meeting our goals, one of them being undefeated in conference,” Senior Easton Durham says.

Colonel has done amazingly well in leading the team to where they are today. 

“I feel pretty pleased so far on how well we have done,” says Colonel.

While still not having a perfect score, you can for sure tell the drive to win is inside each of the players and starters. The starters reassure the team of this by how much energy they bring on the field.  

“If there was one game we could redo, I would say the most recent game against Madison or our Thunder Ridge game,”  Senior Scott Baker tells us.

The hard work pays off but like in every sport, you have to expect to win some and lose some while not letting those losses define the team.

“The most memorable moment from a  game this far was our walk-off against Thunder Ridge,” Durham states. 

When we win something we try to make it memorable and honor the time spent on and off the field with gratitude.

We asked Easton Durham and Scott Baker what they hope to remember most from this season and team, and they both gave us different answers.  

“The two walk-off wins and hopefully the state tournament,” Scott said.

And Easton said “Being Undefeated in Conference.” 

Durham states that he hopes to remember “being undefeated in conference” about this season, while Baker stated that he wants to remember “the two walk-off wins and hopefully the state tournament.”

With hard work, passion and a good team, our chances at state look great! 

While last year was anything but easy, this year we are making it count on and off the field.