Make the play

Varsity softball’s season


Debbie Greco

Kendall Kearns, grade 10, runs to catch a fly ball in the infield at the opening jamboree.

Highland High School has had a softball team since 1991. In those 30 years, the girls have experienced a massive rise in reputation as the ones to beat, thanks to the dedication of the coaches and players over the years.

The girls always work hard to do their best whether they win or lose. Their hard work has always paid off.

Head coach, Tisha Coverdell says that the girls are always working hard, even if they don’t get a lot of playing time. Like Riley Glenn, junior. She shows up to every practice ready to work, never gives up, even though she mostly rides the bench.

Just because she doesn’t play as much doesn’t mean she doesn’t work just as hard as the other girls. Glenn says that she feels good about her team’s progress through the season.

It might have started a little slow but they all worked hard and they are all reaching more and more of their goals.

Carlise Walker, sophomore, has earned her spot on the team this year as their 3rd baseman. She has worked hard for her spot and she isn’t just a great baseman, she is also a great batter.

At one of her last games, she hit a home run. She is always hitting hard and working harder. She says she will always remember making the best out of every game and having fun.

Madi VanSickle, senior, is known as the team leader, even though it isn’t an official title. She is a good role model on and off the field, her coach says because she is always lifting up her teammates and cheering them on. She is proud of her pitching this year and the way the team has progressed, but there is always room for improvement.

If VanSickle could have her team redo any game, she says it would be the first one against Thunder Ridge. According to her, their hitting that game wasn’t great, and they could have done better.

The phrase, “6..2..7” is constantly being brought up by the coaches and players. In a game it is easy to get caught up and distracted, so in order to remain calm and focused, they breathe, in for 6, hold for 2, and out for 7.

The softball teams have come a long way in 30 years, and are only going to improve. This season is almost over and the girls are making the best of it while making their coaches proud, especially with it being Coach Coverdell’s last year as head coach.