Track runs into their first season since Covid

Our runners have come back into their season strong and ready to win.


Briley Anderson

Freshman Dallin Ford runs his 400 meter race at Iron Horse Stadium.

This is an exciting time for people who are in track or love to watch it, since it’s our school’s first season since Covid hit. The coaches that are in charge of running this year’s track team are Mrs. Forking, Mrs. Long, Mr. Berger, Mrs. Smith, and Amber Tingey.

“Saydree Bell, Erica Holt, Easton Durham, Eli Perish, and Cumi Thomas are all the starters on the team,” Raimon Barela said.

For track, there is no designated team captain since they are all just one team that runs some things separately.

“The girl’s team has won, but the scorekeeper that puts it online doesn’t put all the records on the website,” Mrs. Long states.

A new season can come with many obstacles and new procedures.

“Just coming back to school from covid, everyone has been motivated for this year since there was no season last year,” Mrs. Long says.

Being motivated in a sport is a very important part of doing your best, and sometimes a reward is a good motivation for people to do better.

“My most memorable moment in a meet was when our coach said that if we, as a team, got in first place, then he would have to take us to Fuji. We won first place and it was the most memorable moment for me,” Barela says, reminiscing about the special moment.

“Mrs. Camalia says turnover while Amber Tingey says attack for the team to get on their A-game. The coaches are really encouraging, pretty organized, and fun but still hard working. When we are at practices or meets they say to push the hardest that we can and stay strong,” Claire Mecham informs us.

When it comes to track, running is not everyone’s strong suit, but some people have the potential to do better than others in the sport.

“I have a lot of students that stand out to me but, I think that anyone has the potential to get better on the team,” Long states, adding that the students that stood out to her were “Jacob Van Orden, Jared Hardin, Briston Corrington, Saydree and Tambree Bell, Erica Holt, Alia and Ruby Jordan, Natalie Baker, Kiki Baldwin, Kennedy Tracy, Addie and Tegan Mcculloch, Claire Mecham, Stevan and Connor Thorson, Eli Parrish, Easton Durham, Campbell Thomas, Dallin Ford, Landon Saunders, Jaxon Shuman, Kade Jones, and Jack Whitmer,” Mrs. Long says.

There is always plenty of chances to work on skills and endurance. Progress in a sport keeps fans happy with the team since it shows how well they are doing.

“Well, everyone on the team and supporters are pretty happy and excited for the girls to do well for district,” Mecham says.

When doing a sport, sometimes you do something that causes your team to lose or miss a point and you end up wanting to redo what happened. Even if you don’t do your best in a sport, you’re still a part of the team, and the next time you do the thing you failed at, try again.

“If I could redo any match from this season it would probably be the one in Rigby because I felt like I didn’t run my hardest,” Mecham says. 

Mecham also stated that 20 years from now, she will most likely remember her three-step on hurdles. 

Even more memorable things happen when you run with a person in your family that you are close with, since you’ll both share those memories forever.

“What I will remember most about this season 20 years from now will probably be all my teammates that all had the full potential to try their hardest, I will also remember running with my sister and my relay team,”  Tambree Bell said.