The Biggest Hit You’ve Never Watched

The Vampire Diaries Is The Most Captivating Series You Will Watch

Jade Miller, Reporter

Elena Gilbertson is torn between the two brothers. Damon Salvatore, who is charming, arrogant, carless, cruel, dangerous, and generally unsympathetic. Meanwhile, Stephan Salvatore is classically handsome, caring, nice, athletic, and protective.

 The Vampire Diaries begins with a new, mysterious, and supernatural setting. But it doesn’t really have a reality pull.

 However, the further you get into it, the more intriguing the series gets, and pretty soon you’re addicted. 

This series is an emotional rollercoaster. It includes the lives, loves, stories, disasters, and the mysteries of Mystic Falls, Virginia. 

It continuously gives you your intensifying fulfillment of supernatural excitement. The show also gives you the satisfaction of watching the relations grow.  

The Vampire Diaries meets all your expectations from beginning to end. 

Some of the expectations I had were watching relationships grow, and having something continuously pull me in. And it succeeds. 

Another thing the series makes you experience is, it makes you completely question the idea of good and evil. 

The series exceeds the expectations of all of those because every season starts off with the maximum clienches and throughout each season you get all these questions and finally at the end it answers them all. 

Like any show it has a few low points but it makes you feel things, and that’s how it pulls you in, your never forgetting who the characters are, and occasionally makes u jump. 

Teenagers would be the audience that this show attracts the most. 

It’s because we easily relate to all of the emotions that go on throughout the series. 

It may be a little inappropriate for a younger crowd but even people a little older then teenagers would still be very interested. 

In every way this series just has a way of drawing you in, so would definitely recommend watching it.

 The Vampire Diaries is easily accessible for anyone. You can it by just searching it up on Netflix/ look on the top trending list, or disney+. 

 So I would have to say this show is worth spending your time on.

Because if you like emotional, surprising supernatural events and intense scenes then yes this show is definitely for you.