Pocatello Animal Services looking for volunteers

Anyone 16 or older can help out

Elise Wood, Opinion and Clubs Editor

Pocatello Animal Services is accepting volunteer applications to help out around the shelter, and anyone 16 or older can apply. “We are just looking for someone who has a passion for the animals and who wants to be here,” said Program Coordinator Kaleigh Graff. 

There’s more than one type of volunteer work available. “You can work with the dogs or cats, or you can do both,” Graff said.

There are options other than working with animals as well. These include “laundry, dishes, outside work, just events,” she said.

Volunteers can choose what they’re most interested in doing. “That’s really up to each person as themselves on what they would prefer to do,” Graff said.

The shelter appreciates all help from volunteers. “No matter what they do, it’s still a huge asset to the shelter and gives us all that extra help that we need,” she said.

Anyone interested in volunteering can go to the shelter and look around. “Swing by up here at the shelter, we can give you a tour, show you around and if after that tour you are 100% interested then we can get you filled out with an application and get you in here for training,” said Graff.

Longtime volunteer Deb Bohi says volunteering helps both you and the animals. “If you love animals and maybe if you need a stress reliever, this is an incredible place to relieve stress,” Bohi said.

She’s worked at the shelter for eight years and is involved in almost everything. “I show dogs, I show cats, I help organize and help at various events, I maintain records for the volunteers,” Bohi said.

After all that time, she still loves the shelter. “It’s an incredible job. You meet wonderful animals, you meet wonderful people,” Bohi said.

However, the shelter can sometimes be a sad place too. “It’s got its good side and its bad side. The good side of course is the wonderful, wonderful babies that we get here,” she said.