The Soda Barn is an amazing addition to Pocatello and Chubbuck

So many amazing different options from sodas to cookies and even edible cookie dough. All of it is a must try.


Hope Garza

a 44 ounce Cherry Vanilla Coke

Hope Garza, Reporter

A scoop of pebbled ice, a pour of Dr. Pepper, a dash of raspberry puree, a waterfall of coconut cream, and there you have it ladies and gentlemen, that is The Dream from The Soda Barn. Once you take a sip of it you will understand that the drink lives up to its name.

While The Dream is my personal favorite, there are so many other drinks to choose from at Soda Barn, and you can even make your own! No matter what is going on, you can always make a pit stop at The Soda barn.

The pricing is pretty reasonable for me and I try my very best to save whenever I can. Having reasonable prices for a cold refreshing soda, how could you go wrong?

A cold soda in hand and you are ready to take on the day, or maybe it’s been a long day and a warm chocolate chip cookie is the move. Maybe your siblings want some edible cookie dough… all things you can find at The Soda Barn.

The Soda Barn has a wide variety with their already planned out drinks that have everything from everything fruity to warm hot chocolate, they will have a little something for everyone.

 Not only does the soda taste amazing, but the atmosphere inside is warm, peaceful, and often fun. Whether you go to study or catch up with friends, you always seem to find a way to enjoy every second spent there.

 When in a rush, the drive-thru is open and the employees work hard to keep everyone pleased and with their drink in hand.

They are almost always packed because of how crazy good everything is there. The employees work hard to make sure you get great products in a timely manner. 

When going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never been. I was shocked because the drinks were made with perfect proportions.

I’m very picky about how cookies are served, I like mine to be warm and soft so they are easy and enjoyable to eat. To my surprise, the cookies were soft to the touch.

You could go inside and order, or go through the drive-thru whether it be at the Pocatello location (650 S 5th Ave) or the Chubbuck one (435 E chubbuck Rd)! 

If you love soda like me you 100% have to try the Soda barn!


Pretty much all my money has gone to the soda barn, and I’m totally okay with it!