“Audacity” by Melanie Crowder is an amazing read

It tells an inspiring true story in an entertaining way



“Audacity” is set during the Industrial Revolution, and the main character would have worked in factories similar to this one. “The Engine of the Industrial Revolution” by selkovjr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Elise Wood, Opinion and Clubs Editor

“Audacity” is a YA book by Melanie Crowder. It’s historical fiction, and it’s written in verse. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars, because it had a unique perspective on what the United States was like during the Industrial Revolution, and what it was like to be an immigrant and/or a woman.

The main character of “Audacity” is Clara Lemlich, and the book is based on her true story. Clara was Jewish, and she and her family immigrated from Russia to the United States to escape violence. This was during the Industrial Revolution, so when it became obvious that Clara would need to get a job to help support her family, Clara started working in a factory. However, she wanted to be a doctor, not a factory worker. So Clara went to school at night, which was against her father’s wishes. He felt that only boys should go to school.

The book continues to follow Clara’s story, detailing the struggles she faced as a woman, as an immigrant, and as a factory worker. At the time, factory conditions were terrible, and the Labor Movement was beginning. Clara began to get involved in the movement to improve working conditions and pay. Eventually, she would have to choose between continuing her work in the labor movement and fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor.

This book would be a good choice for anyone who likes poetry, historical fiction, or biography. It would also be good for anyone who wants to better understand the struggles people faced in the past.

Books written in verse need to tell the story effectively anyway. It can be hard to really express plot when a story is written in verse, but “Audacity” did this really well. Even though the verse format made it pretty short, it felt like it had as much story as a traditionally written book.

When books are written that are based on the true story of someone’s life, they need to stick to the story well while still making a complete character. I think that Clara Lemlich was represented fairly accurately in “Audacity,” and the author provided a short, more strictly fact-based summary of Clara’s life.

Another common problem for historical fiction books dealing with problems people faced in the past is portraying things as too black and white. “Audacity” did an amazing job of showing that the people on both sides of Clara’s fight were just people, and putting things in their cultural context.

“Audacity” can be purchased at some bookstores or on Amazon. You could also check it out from the library to read. “Audacity” is well written, and it sheds light on a part of history we don’t always know much about. It also tells it in an entertaining and thoughtful way. This is a book that’s definitely worth reading.