It’s time to join the continuation of Make-A-Wish

The support for Kash’s wish just keeps on going.


Rebecca Mayfield

Rebecca Mayfield’s Make-A-Wish T-shirt from last year.

Rebecca Mayfield, Reporter

Last year the school had plans to keep on supporting Kash with an assembly to end all of what we managed to raise. Then Covid-19 struck and the school was unable to continue on with the assembly.

Kash is about 7 years old and has a form of cancer called leukemia and has had it for years said McKenna Armstrong, a senior.

Kash is the kid the school has supported since last year with the color run, Highland Idol, or buying a t-shirt to show support.

McKenna Armstrong poses for a picture in C hall. (Rebecca Mayfield)

Make-A-Wish is used to help kids who have a sickness such as cancer to be able to go somewhere they have wanted to go, and raise money for them.

“So basically we’re just partnering with the Make-A-Wish foundation, and we just raise money to support Kash’s wish, his wish is to go to Disney World, so we’re raising money so we can send him to Disney World,” Armstrong said about how the activities are benefiting him.

There are 3 activities and at the end, an assembly. The activities are a fun way to help Kash get his wish to go to Disney World.

“We did the color run, which is just a fun activity in general, you get a lot of people involved in the color run, and we always do Highland Idol which us super fun ’cause we get to see everyone’s, like talents, and it normally draws like a pretty big crowd so you get a lot of people there. And then we’re doing a teacher talent show, which is just funny ’cause you get to see your teachers completely goofy and not how they are in the classroom, so they’re all just really fun events,” Armstrong stated.

The first activity is a color run on April 10th at 10 AM in front of the school. The color run is a fun activity you can join to get splashed with colors, and get your energy out by running.

Sam Wilcox, a senior, said that she enjoys the color run and likes to help organize things that are fun.

The next activity being held is the Teacher Talent Show on April 12th in the cafeteria at 7, and during lunch the start of Highland Idol tryouts in the gym during lunch.

“I work with the best people and I want to play with the best people,” Ms. Roberts, an english and creative writing teacher, said.

Roberts plans on doing the Teacher Talent Show with Ms. Mitten and another teacher in which they are planning on probably doing a musical, and the best musical too.

The following two days, April 13th and 14th are the ongoing Highland Idol tryouts in the gym during lunch, which leads to the Highland Idol semi-finals are being held at 7 PM.

“I joined Highland Idol ’cause I did it last year, as I was doing it and it was really fun, and I liked seeing all the different people doing all the different songs,” stated Morgan Christensen, a junior.

Ms.Roberts, Morgan Christensen, and Sam Wilcox pose in the Highland hallway. (Rebecca Mayfield)

These activities are going on to support Kash in going to Disney World, participating in these activities helps support his wish of going there.

“There’s forty people in Student Gov. right now and we’re all working on it, and then…really it’s a whole school event like everyone gets involved by either like buying t-shirts or just coming to the events. ‘Cause, like, honestly, the whole school is how we raise money, so it’s basically everyone,” Armstrong informs us.

Supporting Kash is something the whole school has come together to support and all the extra money benefits kids who are also in the foundation.

“They should support the cause because, I mean you get to support a kid who has had a really tough life, and not only do we support one kid, any excess money we raise goes to other kids and their wishes. So and it’s just overall, like super fun for the school, it just gets everyone like united, and it’s fun,” Armstrong states.

Our last activity is an assembly which will be used to show how much we have raised for Kash and other kids to be able to go to their dream places like Disney World.

Supporting Kash is the one thing this school has come together to work on and helps to show Kash that this school wants his wish to come true, so come join in on the events to help support his wish.