Study hard, vacation harder

Students plan for spring break


Addison Summers

Kiefer Huft, sophomore, poses for a picture in a hallway at highland.

Jorja Wilson, Reporter

Even though it’s only one week off, spring break couldn’t get here fast enough. A year ago, the world turned upside down. Now is a good time to get the load off and relax.

There are a lot of things you could do with your vacation. Lots of students are just planning on hanging out. Kiefer Huft, grade 10, for example, told us that he plans on ¨staying home and hanging out with family and friends.¨

Along with going out with friends, some kids are going to get their work hours in and take this time to get more money. Blakely Thurman, grade 10, is one of those students. Blakely said that she is going to ¨work, spend money, sleep and repeat all break.¨

Kaidynce Cantu, grade 9, said besides just hanging out with friends, she is also going to go to Lava Hot Springs. Of course not everyone plans on staying home, spring break is the last vacation before the school year ends and summer arrives.

Ashley Bigelow, grade 9, says she is going to Vegas and she is excited to be able to spend more time with her family.