A crazy year still going. Starting new tri full time.

March 24, 2021

It's a crazy year for everyone but kids are excited to go back to school full time.

It’s a crazy year for everyone but kids are excited to go back to school full time.

Many students probably wonder why teachers are excited to go back full time. You might think it’s because you have to get up early, not be lazy, and wear masks every day, but that isn’t true.

Mr. Colonel said that he loves his students going to school because, “I love my students’ personalities and I am a social butterfly. I believe that kids should have been in school the whole time.”

“They should have been in school because we need social interactions and are less likely to get covid than grown-ups,” Colonel added.

Upon being asked if he believed hybrid or going to school every day was more beneficial for student’s learning, Mr. Rose, math and science teacher, stated, “Well, I think students learned better full time because there was less distractions, while during hybrid mode, a lot of kids watched a lot of TV and also got distracted by social media instead of doing their work,”

“I just love seeing everybody and having respect for students and other teachers, remember that teachers are also approachable and can answer any questions that you might have,” said Rose.

Mrs.Whitehead, the registrar, stated her thoughts on masks. “As long as students are wearing their masks correctly it’s fine. I would rather students wear masks so we can finish out this year strong and so we don’t have to go back to hybrid learning or staying home completely.”

She informs us that first trimester, 97 students were doing fully online schooling, second trimester the number dropped 5, and currently, there are 88 students online for this trimester.

Mrs. Wilde was inspired to become a teacher by her “8th grade U.S. History teacher at Hawthorne Junior High.” If she had to stop teaching Wilde stated that she “would be a stay at home baker where I could make bread and cookies all day long,”


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